We have purchased a K5 Endozoom® treatment microscope, they used to be used mainly by dental specialists, but nowadays it is more and more used in daily practice, because of the wealth of information that is released thanks to the adjustable magnification up to 20x. Especially during the treatments in the root canals this is a huge improvement. There is also a camera attached to the microscope.

The microscope gives a three-dimensional image of the tooth or molar so that the height and depth differences are clearly visible, without loss of sharpness. This is a great advantage in root canal treatments.

As a patient you will therefore have to deal with this new device with some regularity, and you may want to take a look yourself. Because we have connected a screen to the microscope so that you as a patient can see for yourself what we are doing in your mouth. However, if you do not want this, we can of course also switch it off.